Law firms and in-house counsel

Law firms and in-house counsel are increasing dependent on investigative and forensic expertise to assist in complex litigations. Principal Security Solutions has vast experience in providing litigation support to law firms and in-house counsel alike.

Our impressive track record includes fraud detection, anti-money laundering investigation, exposure of corruption in governmental institutions and critical assistance to numerous civil and criminal litigations.

Banking and Pension Funds

The free movement of capital within the EU internal market creates many regulatory obstacles, often compromising a company’s ability to perform to its full financial potential.

Principal Security Solutions work with our clients to assess investment risk, identify and, where appropriate, prosecute criminal financial activity associated with such investment and maintain a vigilant watch over the dynamics of such investments.


Corporate decisions require detailed consideration; market research, internal monitoring, analysis of geopolitical risks, vendor and partner due-diligence, competitor analysis and political risk assessment.

Corporations are also subject to scrutiny from competitors, some of which is illegal.  Principal Security Solutions provide the necessary computer information, telephony and electronic counter measures assistance to clients to counteract such activity.

High Net Worth Individuals

There are a multitude of business and personal challenges facing today’s high net worth individuals; commercial litigation, unwarranted criminal acquisitions, reputational management, pre-investment due diligence and personal security.

Principal Security Solutions provides a comprehensive range of bespoke services to our private clients guaranteeing that their professional and personal interests are protected.