A robust defence is essential for any cyber security plan.  Our mission is to provide a continuous effort to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our client’s corporate resources and data, thus achieving security of information assets and telecommunications. Through each stage of the information security lifecycle, we help clients prevent, detect, respond to, and resolve security issues.

We also provide forensic investigation following a cyber-security and telecommunication breaches allowing for a swift and appropriate recalibration of security measures.

Negative Campaigning

Often clients find their reputation under online attack from competitors or disgruntled investors/employees operating anonymously or under an assumed identity.

Such statements made virtually in blogs, news article comments and on social media can have a very real effect on the reputation of an individual or company.

Our team specialises in unmasking negative campaigns aimed at slandering clients, including the identities, biases, motivations and conflicts of those making false statements, enabling the clients to take steps to silence them.

Data Theft Assessments

Unfortunately the greatest risk of information theft comes from a company’s own employees, be it intentional or accidental.

Principal Security Solutions works with the client to identify employees that have the potential to leak, or have leaked, information through social media or other methods of distribution.

Our cyber forensic specialists will examine your corporate documents to assess what has been altered, assess further information that could be discoverable, and establish timelines and patterns of behaviour to identify culprits.